Crawler Crane Inspection

Update on progress of Crawler Crane Inspection JKKP had appointed a person-in-charge to focus on crawler crane inspection and requested proposal to be sent for their viewing with the aim to shorten the process of decision. The meeting had been rescheduled to 30th December. 复带式吊车检验的最新讯息 JKKP指派了特定的负责人,并要求公会先把检验方式的草稿提呈上去,让他们过目及讨论,希望能够加快决定的过程,因此原定的会议已经被展延到12月30日。


Preliminary discussion with the Special Officer to the Finance Minister on the topic of import duty of brand new mobile cranes took place on 06-12-2019. Exchanging views and touching on expectations and constraints of both sides. Good start and in the right direction for the future development and sustainability of Read more…


Discussion with JKKP Putrajaya on Crawler Inspection / 与 JKKP 讨论检验复带式起重机事宜

讨论过程顺畅,双方达到了一定的共识,已定了下次讨论会议的日期。将会在下星期回到公会讨论及重新整理资料,为下一回的讨论会议作准备。 Discussion with JKKP this morning was smooth, mutual understanding had been reached and a date for the next discussion had been fixed. Will meet next at MMCOA to have more details in preparation for the next meeting.  


New Administrator / 新管理员

Kindly take note that Eddie has quit. I am the Exec Sec, TS Lee. I am learning to  manage this website. Please suggest and advise to make the web page better. Thank you 文勇已经辞职。我是执行秘书,李德信。我正学习如何管理这个网站。请给予意见及指点如何把这个网页做的更好。谢谢


7th National Mobile Crane Industry Fellowship – 20Oct2019

7th National Mobile Crane Industry Fellowship 第七届全国吊秤车同业交流会 Organized by : 北马吊车同业公会 Mobile Crane Association North Malaysia Date: 20 Oct 2019 Time: 8.30am ~ 12pm Venue: Hotel Neo+, Penang Attendees出席者: 北马吊车同业公会 Mobile Crane Association North Malaysia 马来西亚吊秤车同业公会(1987) Malaysia Mobile Crane Owners Association (1987) 柔佛州吊秤车同业公会 Johor Mobile Crane Owners’ Association 东马吊秤车同业代表 Representative Read more…