Malaysia Mobile Crane Owner’s Association (1987) successfully applied for re-registration in 1987, located at Kepong industrial area, while membership are divided into two categories, which are permanent members and ordinary members.
In Annual Membership Meeting 2011, members resolved through the acquisition of new clubs to raise funds to replace old clubhouse and promote the concept. In April of the same year, the association chose to buy a three-storey district shophouses in Balakong Jaya commercial area in Selangor as new base for new club.
Later, the Council gathered the members, helding fund raising activities together. Fund raising activities on July 7, 2012 at the acquisition of new club marked as the final sprint to the end point. As result, efforts to work, brought a sweet result, Malaysia Mobile Crane Owner’s Association has a new club! 

In Annual Membership Meeting 2012, suggestion emerged to amend the regulation of the association, to move general office to new clubs; also resolved no longer recruitment for ordinary members.Currently, association has begun to be raised with own support gradually, we believe we can achieve this desired goal.